the bag that I didn’t buy !

So I was at a mall today with a friend.
While we were roaming around we decided to take a look inside the good old Archies Gift Store. I immediately noticed a few bags with Garfield’s witticism in some nice contrasting shades. I took fancy to a blue one. I tried it on but was told by the salesperson as well as the friend that these are for the female populace only. “Oh damn ! ” thought I. Can’t a man have a handbag ? It was so cute (should have taken a pic). I fussed over the price vs the realisticness of me being able to actually use it for around 10-15 minutes but eventually gave up as she consoled me while I ranted about the sorry state of affairs concerning stereotypes of mens’ fashion.

I, however, did leave a response in the feedback diary of the store asking them to come up with more gender-neutral products. I have high hopes !

This reminded me of that ‘Friends’ episode in which Joey starts using a handbag but eventually gives it up.Sometime later I realised it is my own lack of courage than the lack of societal approval which stopped me from buying that bag (also the bag was a tad expensive, had it been cheaper I would have bought it and experimented with my courage- at least reach the point where I say something on the line of “Joey comes with a bag !”).

Anyone having similar dilemmas ?

P.S. : I bought a coffee mug though 🙂



  1. First of all kudos to your story telling skills. the point you raised are very valid. one day i got in similar situation when i tried to impress my classmate with my baggy trouser and rajasthani print shirt. ( good old days of 1989-90). people were bent upon to disapprove my courage that to flaunt a traditional print type. who on the earth gave them right to RESERVE that particular print for specific gender only.

    people need to grow up in their actions more than their uttered words and thougths .

  2. Thanks for sharing your thoughts ! And kudos to you for having the courage to break the norms and inspiring me to do the same 🙂

  3. Well, personally I have never longed for such stuff. Not that I am a hermit, but it is a bag merely. Had you liked it that much, no one could stop you from buying and using it.

    You succumbed to the social norm. Had you not, who knows, a new trend could have been set.

    Apropos to your buying that coffee mug: Try to get what you love, else you would be forced to love what you get..

    • Thanks for your thoughts and the inspiration !! I think I’ll do that sometime in near future 🙂
      And I did like the coffee mug, it wasn’t a replacement for the bag !
      P.S. : Waiting for a few posts on your blog.

    • Hi simple girl !
      I know a few girls who put on men’s colognes. It has been comparatively easier for women to adopt conventionally male accessories, some of which are no longer a male exclusivity !
      I recently bought a small bag which isn’t like the bag discussed in this post but is less ‘controversial’ !
      I say you go ahead with the men’s perfume if you wish to 🙂
      Ciao !

  4. Have you seen women’s sports shoes? Pink and teal and purple. And wallets? Why must a woman be expected to carry a rectangular, pencilbox-type wallet? And why must all the small ones be embellished with glitter and butterflies? They make me want to throw up. What am I, a Unicorn? Men’s shoes are nicer, and they are never available in smaller womanly sizes. Why the feck not?

    See where I’m going with this? It sucks to buy gender-specific stuff. For the record, I wear men’s jeans. They’re comfier and have bigger pockets. 😉

    • Correct ! Each person should be able to dress up the way they want, some like it subdued while the likes of me want to go all unicorn-ish 🙂
      My grievance is that men are stuck with far lesser options than women have at their disposal w.r.t. colour, texture, form and what not !
      And especially at workplace, women have much more acceptance to wear what they want- sarees, salwar kameez, skirt, pants, even dresses while men are stuck with their ‘formal clothes’ !

      I see women coming to office in bright pink tops and I think damn I wish I could do that !

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